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Join the Turkish National Police

Do you like to beat women? Hate your own Turkish people? Can you only follow orders and not think for your self? Do you find Human Rights and Freedom of the press get in the way of normal society?

If you answer yes to any of this then you are a perfect candidate for the Turkish National Police. You should apply immediately.

We understand that you join for a feeling of power and freedom from thought hence here at the national police force we will issue you a Gun and a badge. This given authority and power should be enough for you to over come your other more personal inadequacies.

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Latest HumanRight Offences

Freedom of Speech and Media

According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, the Turkish government has waged one of the world's biggest crackdowns on press freedoms. A large number of journalists have been arrested using charges of terrorism and anti-state activities such as the Ergenekon and Balyoz cases, while thousands have been investigated on charges such as "denigrating Turkishness" in an effort to sow self-censorship. In 2012, CPJ identified 76 journalists in jail, including 61 directly held for their published work, more than Iran, Eritrea and China.

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Human Rights

Human rights in Turkey have been the subject of some controversy and international condemnation. Between 1998 and 2008 the European Court of Human Rights made more than 1,600 judgements against Turkey for human rights violations, particularly the right to life and freedom from torture. Other issues such as Kurdish rights, women's rights and press freedom have also attracted controversy. Turkey's human rights record continues to be a significant obstacle to future membership of the EU

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